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We hope you gain a fuller ovastanding about the purpose of the march, what we seek for our people and how you can get involved in the process.  Please share with your friends and get them to sign the petition on https://www.change.org/p/stop-the-maangamizi-we-charge-genocide-ecocide

Watch This Video to learn the Rationale for the Reparations March

The Reparations March 2018 Flyer
You can download this flyer, printed it and distribute it.
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The Reparations March 2018 Flyer (front)
You can download this flyer, print it and share it.
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The Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who took part in the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March on 1st Moziah (August) 2017, THE flagship event of the Afrikan heritage community supported by the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign. We would like to thank:


  • All those who marched
  • All those who volunteered on the day
  • The artists, the speakers, the stewards and the practitioners operating in the healing zone on Windrush Sq 
  • The UK regions who mobilised and attended
  • Our allies (local and International) with whom we have been working with throughout the year
  • All who donated money or items in kind
  • Our grassroots media who continue to profile our cause
  • The silent activists, workers and supporters 
  • And the Divine force of the Universe and the spirits of our Indomitable Ancestors whose shoulders we attempt to stand on.


We thank you all for contributing to this mass show of strength and determination- not just to the State but to each other as we commit to do all we can to STOP THE MAANGAMIZI!


Needless to say the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March is an important day of disruption, protest, challenge and for us, a contribution to our education, awareness and self repair. BUT IT IS JUST ONE DAY! We must not lose momentum! We have another 364 days to progress the aims of the Stop the Maangamizi Campaign and other Reparatory Justice activities that we are all involved in.

Visits our websites to find out how you can contribute to our quest to secure holistic Reparations. Find out how you and your family can prepare to contribute to the demands within the Stop the Maangamizi We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Petition:

And our You Tube Channel 'The Reparations March UK'
Twitter @uk_march and @stopmaangamizi

Once again; Asante Sana, Medase Pa, Tatenda, Modupe, Oyiwaladonnnnn (THANK YOU!!)


An International Call to Participate in the 1st Mosiah (August) Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March in Conjunction with the Stop the Maangamizi: We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWeCGEC)





Please Support our Fundraising Campaign!

We need to raise hire costs for Windrush Sq, Public Liability Insurance, Mobility Transport for Elders, Health and Safety Equipment, Portaloos, Staging, Lost Children's Area and more!


You can contribute via gofundme.com/ukmarch or see our bank details in the photo on your left. A full budget of what is needed is available on the GofundMe site. Click here to donate!


Thank you!



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(at Parliament Sq)

‘Black on Black Violence’: Why are we not stopping this manifestation of the Maangamizi?

It will debate this motion:
This gathering believes that we as Afrikan Heritage Communities are not doing what is necessary to stop this manifestation of the Maangamizi
Rationale for this topic
So called 'Black on Black Violence' and the killings among ourselves are an issue that most people in our communities are concerned about and has elicited many campaigns, marches etc. around individual killings of young persons and other community members. In a time of heightened state aggression, those who are oppressed are more likely to act out 'reactionary violence' against each other. We have a whole army of potential soldiers for our people's liberation locked up and criminalised. As a movement, the International Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) must also build the capacity to address this problem as well as hold to account state perpetrators. Not appearing to address this problem is a barrier to securing forms of external redress and reparations and also a barrier to winning people over to the support the cause of holistic reparatory justice for people of Afrikan heritage.
Yet, violence against men, women, children and young people of Afrikan heritage is an extension of a broader social process of so called anti-black or anti-Afrikan genocide in
the fact that micro-sites inter-personal violence between persons of Afrikan heritage communities, are not isolated manifestations. Instead, they are extensions of macro-state processes of violence. In other words, we must read inter-personal violence against men, women, children and young people of Afrikan heritage as part of the continuum of the state’s racialized, gendered, sexualized violence against Afrikan heritage communities. This is about showing the state’s complicity in ongoing intra-community violence which is in itself a ground for reparatory justice for those living today.
Anti-Black genocide scholars such as Joao. H. Vargas have established that intra-community violence is part of the the “genocidal continuum” of global anti-black violence (Vargas 2008).
Vargas, J. (2010). Never Meant to Survive: Genocide and Utopias in Black Diaspora Communities.
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***********************POPSAR - will be 3pm at Parliament Sq on 1st August************************

Show of Strength

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 Parliamentary Session

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