Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings
Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings 

Reparations March Creativity in Action: Suggested slogans for protest, signs, banners and placards

The role of protest art on a March is to make the struggle for reparations irresistible!

You can use your creative skills and talents in supporting the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March. Banners and placards are tangible records of the opinions, perspectives, voices and messages of the protestors/Marchers. Part of Maangamizi (Afrikan Hellacaust) resistance is to resist with words, ideas and symbolism.Creative acts, such as the construction of banners or placards are non-violent methods of defiance. They are an important part of protest aesthetics and art.

Your banners and placards on the March are individual or collective ways of communicating relevant Maangamizi related or reparatory justice messages to local and global audiences.Such banners and placards are used as a medium for expressing grievances and dissatisfaction, identifyingmanifestations and legacies of the Maangamizi, making claims and/or offering solutions. They can also provide an insight into counter-thinking, ideas, policies or programmes that you, your group, organisation or community support, advocate for or believe in.

Know that no matter what your personal, organisational, community, political or ideological stance, the March is of historical significance. In years to come, even your banners will be considered an important part of Afrikan heritage communities political and cultural protest history within and beyond the UK.


Of course, you can also choose your own slogans, the key points to remember are that banners and placards should:

  • Be readable, clear and eye-catching
  • Educate and inform as to why you are on the March
  • Convey a particular message about Maangamizi resistance or reparatory justice you want to share
  • Express such views in creative ways
  • Use text and imagery (photos, pictures, art work etc.) to make your banner or placard visually stand-out.

In case you want some inspiration, we also have come up with some slogans that we also encourage you to use. There is great valuein utilising slogans that others will also use as a mark of solidarity; a way of aligning yourself with others.

Marching is a Process, Groundings are a tool - Why we have changed tactics.

Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March has evolved iinto a Pan- Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings since 1st Mosiah 2020.


Whilst we still deliver the petition on 1st Mosiah to 10 Downing St (when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted), we no longer march from Windrush Square to Parliament Square. 

Now, since 2020, the main purpose of the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings is to showcase our Afrikan Heritage Communities self-repairs initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.

We aim to build ovastanding and demonstrate that the achievement of a future restored Nation (Maatubuntuman) in a climate of global justice (Ubuntudunia) iis necessary and possible. To establish Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia is the overarching strategic goal of our efforts to secure Pan-Afrikan Reparations so we need to build knowledge and effect implementation of this through grounding with our brothers and sisters and engaging our people in this international social movement for Afrikan Reparations beyond the onle day when we continue to gather.


So what are groundings? An explanation can be found here  via our partner website


 So how are we still a March Committee? We have reframed the word march to demonstrate a process towards our strategic goals.  We take inspiration from musician Ossie Davis who said:


“We gotta fight!, the March to freedom, and the March to equality was in process when I was born, I just got on board. I suspect when they let me off and put me in one of those quiet places forever, the March will still be going on, and I will be able to tell history that, at least, when I was alive, there was a place for me in the line of March. You should be happy to say as much. That’s the reward for being alive, to be part of the struggle.”

    Ossie Davis, Activist, Actor, Author


So we will still be showcasing, disrupting locally and bulding our capacity to secure reparatory justice. We must remember our goals will not be achieved by a one day event. We need you to continue the strategic work, the influencing, lobbying, challenging and organising all year round. It is the work we do the other 364 days of the year that makes 1st Mosiah possible - it is a means, not an end. Join us!




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