Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings
Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings 

This is a slide show of promotional material of the Annual Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March/Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings that takes place on 1st of Mosiah (August)

1st Mosiah 2022 - Programme 

Since 2020, we have occupied 2 spaces in Brixton (Max Roach Park and Windrush Square), in order to ground with our people and facilitate a place for allies that our campaign partner, the Stop the Maangamizi! We Charge Genocide/Ecocide Campaign (SMWeCGEC) have been working with over the years. Max Roach Park also provides space for showcasing international solidarity networks that structures aligned with SMWECGEC have been working with across 4 continents: Abya Yala (the Americas, Asia, Europe and Afrika).


Please see the programme below for both locations (subject to change and all times approximate)


Max Roach Park 10am-3pm




Internationalist Solidarity Showcase - Elevating the voices of those involved in the international Social Movement for Afrikan Reparations (ISMAR) across the world and those involved in the Peoples Reparations International Movement (PRIM)  that express solidarity with the ISMAR.


Sankofaagro - Youth showcase of music and word sounds of resistance


3pm - 3 minutes silence in reverence to our Indomitable Ancestors of great courage, intellect and tenacity 


3.15 - 4.15  March from Max Roach Park to Windrush Square


Windrush Square 2-8pm

Theme for this stage: 'Building a Repaired Nation: Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia - What Afrika and Her Diaspora needs to do to secure Global Planet Repairs'


1 - 2.30pm

The University of Repair in association with SMWeCGEC, the AEDRMC and GARFOL hosted by the Black Cultural Archive presents:

'A Masterclass on The Meaning of Economic Repairs for ISMAR-Building'

Venue: Black Cultural Archive, Windrush Sq (limited places)

Further information here


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Opening Libation and Invocations

Opening Remarks - Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee


Edutainment: Songs and Messages of Resistance




3 minutes silence in reverence to our beloved Ancestors



Independent Afrikan Schools Showcase on the stage theme




The Youth Debate: Building a Repaired Nation - 

What does Afrika and Her Diaspora Need to do to Secure Global Planet Repairs and How Long do we Have?

Facilitated by Bro Kobina Amokwondoh

(Audience decides the debate winner)




Sankofaagro - Internationalist showcase of music and word sounds of resistance



Glocal Afrikan Reparations Forum of London (GARFOL)

Stop the Maangamizi Campaign

Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March Committee



Solidarity Messages and Showcasing from UK based Organisations, Politicians and Activists


8.00 Closing Remarks - Our Immediate and long terms tasks


Closing Libation







Traders Policy

Stalls/Traders Policy
Should you meet the criteria outlined in the traders policy we would be happy to receive your application.
Deadline for all stall applications is Wednesday 27th July 2022
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Stalls Application Form
Please note: If you application is approved. Payment must be made within 48 hours of the approval. No payments are being accepted on 1st Mosiah.
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After The March, What Next? Click on this link to read more about what you can do after the Global Afrikan Reparations March:


The March Committee Progress Report
You can download and read what the march committee has done since the Reparations March on the 1st of August 2016. You can also click on this link to read this report online:
Adobe Acrobat document [630.3 KB]

Marching is a Process, Groundings are a tool - Why we have changed tactics.

Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March has evolved iinto a Pan- Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings since 1st Mosiah 2020.


Whilst we still deliver the petition on 1st Mosiah to 10 Downing St (when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted), we no longer march from Windrush Square to Parliament Square. 

Now, since 2020, the main purpose of the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Rebellion Groundings is to showcase our Afrikan Heritage Communities self-repairs initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.

We aim to build ovastanding and demonstrate that the achievement of a future restored Nation (Maatubuntuman) in a climate of global justice (Ubuntudunia) iis necessary and possible. To establish Maatubuntuman in Ubuntudunia is the overarching strategic goal of our efforts to secure Pan-Afrikan Reparations so we need to build knowledge and effect implementation of this through grounding with our brothers and sisters and engaging our people in this international social movement for Afrikan Reparations beyond the onle day when we continue to gather.


So what are groundings? An explanation can be found here  via our partner website


 So how are we still a March Committee? We have reframed the word march to demonstrate a process towards our strategic goals.  We take inspiration from musician Ossie Davis who said:


“We gotta fight!, the March to freedom, and the March to equality was in process when I was born, I just got on board. I suspect when they let me off and put me in one of those quiet places forever, the March will still be going on, and I will be able to tell history that, at least, when I was alive, there was a place for me in the line of March. You should be happy to say as much. That’s the reward for being alive, to be part of the struggle.”

    Ossie Davis, Activist, Actor, Author


So we will still be showcasing, disrupting locally and bulding our capacity to secure reparatory justice. We must remember our goals will not be achieved by a one day event. We need you to continue the strategic work, the influencing, lobbying, challenging and organising all year round. It is the work we do the other 364 days of the year that makes 1st Mosiah possible - it is a means, not an end. Join us!




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